To you oh Muslim sister…

A pretty smile and innocent eyes; lovely skin with hands the cutest size
Rosy cheeks and cherry lips; if she was a waitress, shed be making all the tips
So much beauty does she offer; oh never has one seen skin so softer
The slimmest waist and yes perfect height; to stare at her all amongst men sure just might
Trendy fashions does she make look good; care to dress simpler or would you be misunderstood?
Walking through the busy mall on a Saturday; don’t you notice boys staring rite her way?
Smirking at the attention that she draws; as shaytaan sits there sharpening his claws
Bodies moving and close mingling; is this not to your Lord so displeasing?
That designer bag and new shoes just bought; won’t it give man an evil thought?
You dress up tight and accessorize; forgetting that Aakhirah is the ultimate prize
Why dear sister do you parade? Behold this dunya is just a charade
Sparkling diamonds and glittering gold; will they still look good on you the day you lay still and cold?
Wisen up oh sister, the fortunate one; for surely has Allah blessed you amongst his chosen ones
Drop that call and depart from the mall; remember Allah does see us all
Cover up and reclaim your self; reach out to Al Quran which lay neglected on your shelf
Hasten to your home and begin to lament; it is only then you shall breathe Heavens scent
Save yourself oh sister, before it’s too late; Inshallah you will awake at Jannah’s pearly gate, Jannah’s pearly gate…


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