Says who?


Says who?

Brother, You cant grow a beard
You’ll be mocked at and jeered
You’ll be looked at as weird
You’ll be avoided and feared

Says who?

Sister, you cant wear that veil
You’ll look like a whale
Subjugated to the male
In society you will fail

Says who?

Brother, go and talk to her
She has so much to offer
How else will you find a partner?
Quick! Get her number!

Says who?

Sister, keep your gaze high
No need to be shy
You gotta find the perfect guy
With whom your heart will lie

Says who?

Brother, You don’t have to pray
The Masjid is too far away
It’s for the old guys anyway
You’ll get there one day

Says who?

Sister, ignore the azaan
Your favourite program is on
So many prayers have already gone
Just forget it and carry on

Says who?

To enter hell he will be the first
Of creation he is the worst
To lead man astray is his thirst
He is shaitaan the cursed

That’s who.


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